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Here are some activities that may suit you

They can be done away from home on your own

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Active sport - Arts & crafts - Hobbies & pastimes - Learning

Active sport & recreation


Arts & crafts

Other creative arts
Flower arranging
Film making
Playing musical instruments

Hobbies & pastimes

Collecting - Antiques
Collecting - Stamps
Other collecting
Computer games
Playing cards
Other indoor table games
Arts & crafts appreciation
History & geography hobbies
Music interest
Nature hobbies
Misc. hobbies

Learning in your free time

Arts & crafts study
General skills
Hobbies & pastimes learning
Language learning
Vocational study

LeisureVision has pages on almost 100 different ways of using free time.  They show you what the activity is, what you need to do it, how to get started, and where to find out more.  Click on index A-Z to go directly to the list of individual activities.


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