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You have chosen to look at volunteering

Select one of the options below to see more about different kinds of voluntary groups that you could be helping


Conservation - Disadvantaged - Families and individuals - Health support - Older people - Young people - Other groups


Helping to look after the world around us, the countryside and our heritage of buildings and their contents


Helping people who have particular physical or mental difficulties, or those with temporary problems

Families and individuals

Helping young parents, people who are single parents and those looking after large families

Health support

Helping those who suffer from specific health problems, like strokes or heart disease, Alzheimers or multiple sclerosis.

Older people

Helping those who are becoming older and frailer to lead a full and interesting life

Young people

Helping young people to prepare themselves for adult life and to get the most out of their early years

Other groups

A wide range of other groups which you can be part of, ranging from political interests to town twinning, and from religious groups to local ladies circles

Find out more about volunteering


Community Service Volunteers  www.csv.org.uk 

CSV has an annual Make a Difference Day, the UK's largest day of community action, on the last Saturday in October.  For information on how to get involved, go to www.csv.org.uk and click on the MADD logo.

National Association of Councils for Voluntary Service  www.nacvs.org.uk/
National Association of Volunteer Bureaux  www.navb.org.uk
National Centre for Volunteering  www.volunteering.org.uk/
National Council for Voluntary Organisations*  www.ncvo-vol.org.uk/
TimeBank   www.bbc.co.uk/education/timebank/

* NCVO has a very full list of voluntary organisations with web sites.


Look under the individual types of volunteering for other organisations and magazines that will tell you more 

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