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What is it?

  • The collection of postage stamps is a long established hobby that is done by people of all ages. 

  • Your collection can cover stamps of all periods and countries, or you can specialise in stamps of a particular kind like modern British sets, or Victorian rarities.

  • Some people like just to collect or buy stamps to add to their collection.  Others enjoy trading in stamps and going to fairs and shows for that purpose.

Find out more


Great Britain Philatelic Society


Gibbons Stamp Monthly 
Stamp Lover

Getting started

  • Find a local stamp collecting group or club, often called a philatelic society (see organisations above).

  • See if the local group runs introductory sessions.

  • Consult books or magazines on the basics of stamp collecting.

  • Check in your local library/paper and in catalogues for more information.

What you need

Skills and people
  • Stamp collecting is an activity that is done by people of all ages and both sexes.  It can easily be done at home on your own. 

  • But many collectors enjoy the stimulus and social contact of belonging to a group of some kind. This can be a local group, or one linked by mail or Internet contacts. 

  • Through membership of a group, collectors can share their enthusiasm, learn about new opportunities and exchange items in their collections.

Equipment or clothing
  • Some old boxes or envelopes in which to keep the growing collection are the only real essential. 

  • But serious collectors will have special albums for their stamps and catalogues to keep abreast of prices, as well as magnifying glasses to study individual items more closely.

A place or facilities
  • No special facilities are needed. Groups usually meet in a local hall or room, including sometimes at members homes.

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