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What is it?

  • Photography is one of the most popular of hobbies.  For some people the interest lies in recording events, people and the surroundings of their lives.  

  • For others, the art and technique of designing and taking photographs can become an absorbing activities, together with the developing and processing once the picture has been taken.  

  • Both still and moving pictures can be involved, and, with the development of digital photography, the scope for individual processing and manipulating of the results of photography has been greatly increased.  

  • It is also possible to specialise in particular subjects (people, nature etc) or types of photography (films, printed output), and there is a competitive side to this hobby as well.

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Getting started

  • Find a local photography group or club (see organisations above).

  • Take a class or course at your local adult education centre.  See if your local group offers introductory sessions or events.

  • Consult books or magazines on different types of photography.

  • Check in your local library/paper or education centre for more information.

What you need

Skills and people
  • Anyone, whatever their age and sex, can start to take pictures, though there are many skills to be learn if you want to. 

  • Much photography can be done at home on your own.  But many people like to take pictures and films of family and friends and places and events that they visit.  

  • Others also enjoy the stimulus and social contact of belonging to a photographic group of some kind.  This can be a local group, or increasingly one linked by Internet contacts.  

  • Groups often organise special exhibitions and competitions.

Equipment or clothing
  • Obviously a still camera or camcorder of some kind is essential, plus the appropriate film.  

  • There are many accessories, particularly different lenses, that are used by serious photographers, and  much specialised equipment and materials are needed if you want to do your own processing.  

  • A computer with appropriate ancillaries and specification is required for manipulation of digital stills and/or video film.

A place or facilities
  • No special facilities are needed for photography;  you can take pictures and make films almost anywhere. 

  • Photographic groups usually meet in a local hall or school. 

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