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What is it?

  • There are a number of other sports, each of which is of interest to a considerable minority of enthusiasts, which do not fall easily into other categories.  

  • Notable among these are croquet (where a wooden ball is hit with a mallet through hoops on a course), quoits (where rings are thrown over pegs from a distance), and land yachting (where a three wheeled trolley with a sail is blown along the ground, usually a beach).  

  • More detailed information on each of these activities can be obtained from the specialist organisations listed below.  

  • Croquet and quoits are generally competitive activities, even in informal games, and land yacht racing is also competitive.  

Find out more


Croquet Association  www.croquet.org.uk/
National Quoits Association  01947 841100
British Land-Sailing  www.britishlandsailing.co.uk/



Getting started

  • Find a local group or club for the activity that interests you (see organisations above).

  • See if there are introductory sessions at your local club or centre.

  • Consult books or magazines on these other types of sports.

  • Check in your local library/paper or sports centre for more information.

What you need

Skills and people
  • Croquet and quoits are not activities that involve great physical effort and they can be done by people of most ages and both sexes.  Land yachting is more energetic.

  • You can practice croquet and quoits on you own, but you need someone to play against for a proper game.  Many people belong to a local group or club for this purpose.  

  • It is better if the people you play with are of roughly the same standard as yourself, though they need not be of the same age or sex.  

  • Much land yachting is done by people on their own, especially those who live near suitable beaches, but clubs are needed to organise competitive racing.

Equipment or clothing
  • Each of these activities requires some special equipment, though croquet mallets and balls, and quoits are often available at the location where these games are played.  

  • Land yachts can sometimes be hired at suitable beach locations.  

  • Special clothing is only needed for serious competitive activities, though suitable footwear is usually needed to protect the croquet grass.

A place or facilities
  • All of these activities involve special facilities (greens for croquet, a target area of pegs for quoits, and a suitable sand area with wind for land yachting).  

  • Croquet greens are usually provided by clubs, sometimes in conjunction with bowling greens.  

  • Quoits is most commonly played in pubs or social clubs (particularly in certain parts of the country) and on board passenger ships.  

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