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What is it?

  • This covers a range of different forms of fighting that originate mainly in Japan, China or Korea.  

  • Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, and Chinese martial arts (kung fu) are all popular in the UK.  More details of each of them can be obtained from the specialist organisations listed below.  

  • The fights are generally between two people, and some forms of martial arts involve the use of weapons.  

  • There are strict rules relating to the moves and blows, and control and personal discipline during the fights are key aspects of these activities. 

Find out more


British Aikido Board 
British Council of Chinese Martial Arts 
British Judo Association 
English Karate Governing Body 
British Taekwondo Council  0117 955 1046
British Ju-Jitsu Association Governing Body 
British Kendo Association 


Traditional Karate 
T.K.D. and Korean Martial Arts (Taekwondo)


Getting started

  • Find a local martial arts group or club (see organisations above).

  • Take a class or course at your local sports centre.

  • Consult books or magazines on different types of martial arts.

  • Check in your local library/paper or sports centre for more information.

What you need

Skills and people
  • Martial arts can be done by people of both sexes and a wide range of age groups, but fighters are usually matched by skill and physical abilities, and generally by sex.

  • Training for these activities is often carried out at home on one's own.  

  • But fighting is usually done as a member of a group or club, and there are competitions and regular tests to establish recognition of higher grades of achievement. 

Equipment or clothing
  • Special clothing, generally a robe of some kind, is often worn in clubs and groups.  The beginner may be provided with this.

A place or facilities
  • The basic requirements are a hall of reasonable size and soft matting on which to fight.

  • Clubs and groups meet in many schools and village and community halls, as well as sports centres.    

  • Some groups have their own facilities.

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